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what is this site?

This site is a High Paying Bitcoin Faucet with which you can claim Bitcoin satoshi during your visit to the site every five minutes to claim 2 satoshi

How do I earn from the site?

You can claim Bitcoin Satoshi by solving captcha and anti-bot up to 2 Satoshi every 5 minutes, and you can double your profits through referrals, as you will earn 25% from each referral through your referral link.

faucet rules

It is strictly forbidden to use more than one IP, and it is strictly forbidden to use more than one address to FaucetPay wallet It is strictly forbidden to cheat using a proxy or a VPN or any other cheating methods and whoever uses cheating methods will be Banned

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
1BusCUD9wLwvsNFbvDLeAkAQG6Rx4ZkFmo1 satoshi2021-06-19 00:46:58
1BusCUD9wLwvsNFbvDLeAkAQG6Rx4ZkFmo2 satoshi2021-06-19 00:24:56
3KnHYsaEjzm3QLwM495WkDXxMvNch7aScW1 satoshi2021-06-19 00:16:46
1BBf9yrpeDWG7CPnkbL1JcVn4jKyjnpmkb1 satoshi2021-06-18 23:12:55
1BBf9yrpeDWG7CPnkbL1JcVn4jKyjnpmkb1 satoshi2021-06-18 22:54:06
3KnHYsaEjzm3QLwM495WkDXxMvNch7aScW2 satoshi2021-06-18 22:46:45
1TDJDaaZH4Q8SrWvtTcPr1U9995ukpEgU2 satoshi2021-06-18 22:43:22
1TDJDaaZH4Q8SrWvtTcPr1U9995ukpEgU1 satoshi2021-06-18 22:35:04
1LRaBRKqRfKf1oUtFv1oG3MmhRP4wKPjhy2 satoshi2021-06-18 22:32:21
1TDJDaaZH4Q8SrWvtTcPr1U9995ukpEgU2 satoshi2021-06-18 22:23:01
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